Dr. V.: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Cancer

Oxygen has been used for centuries to promote wound healing and vital health. These days, more and more clinicians, health centers and even hospitals are turning to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) to help patients under their care. And new research is pointing to the fact that HBOT may help people heal from cancer as well.

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy utilizes a pod-like chamber to immerse an individual in an environment of 100% pure oxygen with an atmospheric pressure of sometimes three times the normal amount.
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Dr. V. ~ Plant Stem Cell Therapy May Slow Down Your Aging Process

Senescence is the biological breakdown that happens as all living things age. On a cellular level, it is the loss of the cell’s power to divide and grow. Senescence is one of the natural processes of life. However, within this toxic, stressful world, aging often happens prematurely and with unneeded suffering. It doesn’t have to be this way. Embryonic Plant Extracts (EPEs) are a ground-breaking plant stem cell technology discovered by one of the most visionary health pioneers of our time. They may slow down the progression of age-related senescence and support recovery from dis-eases like Breast Cancer.
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Dr. V: Can Coenzyme Q10 Help Stop Breast Cancer?

You probably know of Coenzyme Q10, or Ubiquinone, as a supplement you can purchase at your local health food store. In reality, however, it is a compound that is produced by your body. CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant that is known to help for a number of conditions, including heart conditions, migraines and even Parkinson’s. Recent research has also shown that it may also help to halt cancer tumor growth.
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Develop a Natural Cancer Treatment…GO TO JAIL

Show me de monee!

There are two major reasons we don’t have a cure for cancer. Why despite a 40 55 (Ed.) year old “war” on the disease survival rates haven’t increased one bit. The governmental meddling of the National Institutes of Health and The National Cancer Institute along with the FDA have made it difficult, if not impossible, for doctors with breakthrough cancer therapies to bring their healing discoveries to those who need them. The orthodox medical establishment is hell-bent on destroying anyone who dares to challenge the status quo on cancer treatment. Continue reading

Cancer Causes Within Your Power to Prevent or Reverse

“Mankind is sick and getting sicker. A great deal of it is self-inflicted.”

In our modern, highly toxic world, it seems there are too many possible causes of cancer to protect yourself against. There are pollutants and cancer-causing carcinogens all around us – in the soil, water, and air – and the “people in power” appear to be making things steadily worse. Continue reading

Doctors hail world first as woman’s advanced breast cancer is eradicated

Immune cells from the woman’s own body used to wipe out tumors

Judy Perkins says her condition had deteriorated a lot and she was planning her death. But since the treatment she has been on a 40 mile hike. Photograph: Courtesy of Judy Perkins

A woman with advanced breast cancer which had spread around her body has been completely cleared of the disease by a groundbreaking therapy that harnessed the power of her immune system to fight the tumours.
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Three Continent Study Shows Higher Than Recommended Doses of Vitamin D Prevents Cancer

Research utilizing combined data from 17 studies that included more than 12,000 people from the U.S., Europe, and Asia found that optimal levels of vitamin D for colon cancer prevention are higher than the current U.S. recommendation of 600 international units (IU) per day.

In the absence of Vitamin D from sunlight, disease increases more than 1,000 percent. Experts suggest that the chances of getting vitamin D from your diet are very low. Continue reading

Drinking baking soda could help cure cancer

Kitchen ingredient makes hard-to-reach tumour cells easier to target with drugs, study finds

Baking soda could help fight cancer by making cells easier to target, a study has found.

Drinking the powder dissolved in water could make cells inside a tumour more active and easier for chemotherapy drugs to kill, according to researchers. Continue reading

There Are Now 100 Scientific Studies That Prove Cannabis Cures Cancer

Cannabis is a Schedule I drug in the United States. That means the government has designated the plant as having no accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.

No accepted medical use? There are scores of studies that say differently.

Rick Simpson is a medical marijuana activist, and he has been on a crusade of healing. He considers Cannabis to be the most medicinally active plant that humans can use on this planet. Continue reading

Dr. V: The New IvyGene Test for Breast Cancer

By now you may know that there are MANY options for detecting Breast Cancer outside of traditional mammography, which may come with some dangerous side effects. One option that I have written about in the past is the Oncoblot test, created by Dr. Dorothy Morré and the late Dr. James Morré. Now the Morrés’ company, Mor-NuCo Enterprises, is working with the Laboratory for Advanced Medicine to offer the IvyGene test for detection of breast cancer as well as lung, prostate and colon cancers.
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Dr Nicholas Gonzalez: Enzymes, Cancer and Dr. Kelley

A young Dr. Gonzalez with his mentor… Dr. William D. Kelley

The video you are about to watch is over 90 minutes in length, but your time will be more than well spent. I knew of Dr. Gonzalez for some years before I finally was able to speak with him in 2014. The topic of conversation was a combination of legal issues relating to his relationship with Dr. Kelley, but also to ask his permission to use a portion of his book, ‘One Man Alone‘ wherein he described his 1981 introduction to the renown Dentist from Texas, who was having worldwide success with the treatment and curing of cancer. Permission was cheerfully granted to us by Gonzalez and his commentary was included in the 2015 publication of Dr. Kelley’s seminal work on cancer, now titled, Victory Over Cancer: Without Surgery, Chemotherapy or Radiation.*

Dr. Gonzalez’s story unto itself is quite interesting to me and I learned things about Kelley that I had not previously been aware of, but just prior to the second hour of the lecture, Gonzalez begins to discuss his mentor in greater depth about than I had ever heard prior to this recording, which was filmed some ten months after Kelley’s death in January of 2005… BUT this presentation is about much more than Dr. William Donald Kelley, a modern day Cancer Pioneer… Continue reading

Dr. V: Can Exercise Influence Your Gut Health?

You are probably already aware of the importance of exercise for good health. And if you have been on the Healthy Breast path for a while, you no doubt are also in the know about how essential it is to have good digestive health for breast cancer prevention and healing. The bacteria in your gut can help breakdown aggressive circulating estrogens and trigger your liver to support the methylation process. But did you know that exercise can also help improve your gut health?

Science has confirmed it: moving your body every day may provide the “one-two punch” that can help provide the gut health you need for a vibrant life!
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Hydrogen Peroxide and Cancer: This is what you MUST know

Cancer is dangerous. Don’t flirt with disaster. Don’t eat it and don’t go near it. Don’t drink it. Don’t put it on your skin. Yes, this is a warning not to put cancer on or inside your body. Cancer is in GMO pesticide DNA seed designs and the treatments used on vegetables and fruit. Cancer is in sun block lotions full of toxins that hold in your sweat and block out the vitamin D you would normally get from the sun. Cancer is in cosmetics, makeup, soaps, toothpaste and shampoos. Cancer may be lurking in your refrigerator, your pantry and in your medicine cabinet, but it has an archenemy. Cancer has a rival that destroys it like an M-60 leveling a field of enemy soldiers. It’s called “hydrogen peroxide,” and the “lame-stream,” mainstream media will tell you how “dangerous” it is at 35%, but they won’t tell you that you can drip a couple drops in a glass of water each day and end cancer. Yes, it’s true. Continue reading

Dr. V: Can Proper Hydration Help Prevent Breast Cancer?

As winter turns to spring, we will inevitably spend a lot more time outdoors– which is a very good thing! But with more inviting weather and increased activity also comes an increased need to stay hydrated. As it turns out, drinking enough water will not only quenche your thirst. It may also help you prevent Breast Cancer.
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