Truths About Cancer

Below is the truth about cancer. The system will not acknowledge these truths because they make so much money from it and because they wish to control others instead of helping them to find life. This is where America has come to. It is a dark day for truth. But the Lord Jesus will reveal all, perhaps much quicker than we may realize.

Truths About Cancer:

1. Cancer is caused by over toxicity of the tissues where it is found growing.

2. Cancer will never be cured because it is a defense mechanism of the body that actually helps to increase lifespan.

3. Cancer absorbs the excess toxins surrounding it to keep those toxins from directly attacking healthy tissue causing tissue damage and death.

4. Cancer is not the problem. Excess toxins is the problem when cancer is found growing.

5. Cancer can be resolved by detoxifying those tissues where the cancer is found growing.

6. When the body is property detoxified, the cancer will stop growing, shrink, and finally disappear because there is no longer any need for it. This is called spontaneous remission. It happens all the time to cancer patients that figure out that the resolution of their cancer is to detoxify.

7. The alternative to accepting and above 6 truths about cancer is to follow the medical route. That has proven to be a path of failure and death for so many. If you doubt the above, take a realistic look at what happens to most cancer patients. Ask God for wisdom (James 1) if the above is true or not.

Could it be that simple when man makes cancer so complicated? It sure can be when evil men wish to control and manipulate others. That is exactly what is going on when it comes to cancer. Hope you can see the light.

Clint Young

Submitted to Kettle Moraine, Ltd Publications with permission to reprint. The above is based on the author’s personal experience and his overcoming of this dreaded dis-ease. Or as Clint says, a “Survivor of Excess Toxins which cause Cancer”