Kelley’s Kitchen: May 17, 2017

7 Amazing Diabetic Foods that Don’t Feel “Healthy”
When you’re diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, figuring out the diabetic foods you’re allowed to eat (and want to) can be a challenge. I’m a firm believer in foods that fill the gap. Not just fill you up but actually satisfy. These are foods that give you more than a meal item. If you have… (Continue reading)

Is Pink Himalayan Salt Better Than Regular Salt?
Little research on pink Himalayan salt exists, and other people insist that these extravagant health claims are nothing more than speculation. Although the previous description of the following column will lead you to believe that what you are about to read is negative – don’t let that fool you… (Continue reading)

How Energy Drink Makers are Causing Overdoses and Deaths
On April 26, 2017, a 16-year-old South Carolina high school student died after drinking Mountain Dew, a McDonald’s latte and an energy drink all within two hours. His death was ruled a caffeine-induced arrhythmia. Tragedies like the death of David Allen Cripe are becoming all too common in all age groups, and the cause may be… (Continue reading)

Mushroom Powders Linked To Heart Health Benefits
Lady who’s been eating chia seeds and spirulina for 20 YEARS has boundless energy, glowing skin… and doesn’t even have a doctor. The idea of no doctor in and unto itself is reason enough to read this… (Continue reading)

Tomatoes, watermelon, grapefruit and oily fish: The foods that scientists believe could reduce children’s asthma flare-ups this winter
A healthy lifestyle is a well-known preventative measure for child asthma sufferers, but specific foods and antioxidants have been identified as more helpful than others. Lycopene, a naturally occurring chemical found in tomatoes, watermelon and grapefruit, has been identified as one of the key antioxidants that help with the body’s reaction to colds and flu… (Continue reading)

Water, Energy, and the Perils of Dehydration
What if water, plain and simple, was the most critically lacking substance for energy and health promotion in the modern lifestyle?… (Continue reading)

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