President Trump, please support men’s healthcare

Gordon E. Finley

The unfortunate news that Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton (D) has been diagnosed with prostate cancer highlights America’s gender gaps in healthcare provision and the need for funding changes (“Minnesota gov. diagnosed with prostate cancer,” 1/24/17).

While in the federal bureaucracy there are a multitude of offices of women’s health, there are zero offices of men’s health. Further, even though the morbidity and mortality rates for the mostly gender-specific breast and prostate cancers are similar, funding for breast cancer research far outstrips that for prostate cancer.

Mr. President, to attenuate these gender disparities in healthcare, I urge you to immediately establish an Office for Men’s Health and sharply increase funding for prostate cancer research.

Gordon E. Finley, Professor of psychology emeritus, Florida International University, Miami

The short letter above was published in The Hill on February 1, 2017 and has been submitted to Kettle Moraine Publications for posting by the author – a regular contributor to our on-line publications. ~ J.B.