More Big Pharma Tyranny: ICMRA Restrictions on Natural Health Products

health-products-restrictedThe International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities (ICMRA), an international body has been established whose members are restricting access to Natural Health Products around the globe.

In America we take great pride in our freedoms, including the freedom to eat what we wish and treat our bodies as we see fit, and not by the rules or restrictions set by an overreaching government. But never before in our history have these freedoms we cherish so much been in such jeopardy!

jefferson-836x438But this is not just a local issue. The tyranny we are seeing from Health Canada, Australia the UK, etc… make this an issue for all of humanity, and these new ICMRA regulations and restrictions will have dire consequences for all of us.

Our human physiology is uniquely adapted to metabolize the nourishing qualities of herbs, plants and animal products without suffering harmful side effects, and we have been doing so since the dawn of humanity. Many herbs and plants have phenomenal healing properties, and the wisdom of these remedies has been passed down from generation to generation for time immemorial … Until now …

The ICMRA does NOT have the sanction of any governments and is merely a bureaucratic alliance of medical regulators that enjoys close relations with the global pharmaceutical industry (gee, there’s a real shocker (chuckle)). Big Pharma spends more money each year buying or bribing government leaders than any other industry by a huge margin (a 500% margin in the USA) … so the deck is already stacked against us in a huge fashion.

Very soon … if it is not synthesized, manufactured and patented by a pharmaceutical company, and regulated by this body … you may no longer have access to it. The suffering and deaths these actions may result is is incalculable … but the pharmaceutical industry cares not because it will fatten their coffers many fold.

It is time to speak up, to let your prospective government know that we are not lab rats for the all mighty pharmaceutical industry and their sponsored (paid for) restrictions and regulations. We are sick and tired of corporatist tyrants robbing us of the freedom to control our own health as we see fit. We are tired of synthetic and chemical remedies that do little to protect us from disease or illness, only robbing us of our hard earned money to fatten their coffers.

Or is there a more cynical motive in play that goes far beyond greed … genocide? Population control or reduction was a stated goal of Agenda 21, and now Agenda 2030. What better mechanism to aid in this goal than to rob us of known natural cures and health maintenance products, to be used in conjunction with the tools already at work to accomplish this goal … GMOs, herbicides/pesticides such as Glyphosate, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, geoengineering etc… and the list goes on … and on … and on.

Humanity stands on the precipice of massive failing health globally. Never before in our recorded history has sickness and disease been do prevalent on this planet … and the answer of the elite caste is to take known remedies away from us … REALLY ???

My Parting Shot

sponsors-of-our-own-demise-smallWritten by Roger Landry for and published by The Liberty Beacon ~ November 3, 2016.

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