Kelley: CANCER – Prevention and Practice

Cancer Recovery
The stricken cancer victim and their family members have been so deceived by the Establishment that they are completely brainwashed and put in overwhelming fear.

Second, another parameter we often forget is, once a cancer victim or family member has awakened from this imprisoned condition – they trust no one. Third, most of these individuals expect and demand immediate results or they go on to other therapies.

It requires the failure of the pancreas from 2 to 4 years to develop a Malignant Tumor Mass – which the medical community in error calls “Cancer.”

It requires at least the same length of time to clean up a ravaged body. Then the process of rebuilding the body can take place, which usually takes an additional two to four years of hard work and living right.

“Do I have Cancer?”
Everybody Has Cancer! Each day each one of us has a “Cancer” start and develop in our body. This is a normal ongoing process each one of us experiences. Usually, our normal metabolic defense system takes care of these wayward cancer cells and we go about our daily lives unaware that any of this is taking place. It is when our normal metabolic defense system or clean-up crew cannot handle this normal body process that we begin to develop a tumor or mass which can eventually be found by ourselves or our physician. Before this happens, you can easily determine the failure of your defense system and the beginning of “Cancer” – Malignant Tumor Masses.

It is often said. “I went to Dr. Jones and he cured me.” Nothing could be further from the truth. No matter how many years a doctor has gone to school, no matter how many college degrees he or she may have, a doctor can cure only one person – himself or herself. It is you and your body chemistry that cures you of your disease. In doing this you must take note that you are environmental, physical, mental and spiritual – each facet plays a part in your “cure.” Your physician or clinician can only bring to your attention some of the basic laws of God concerning health. Unfortunately not all clinicians know the laws of God concerning health, even though they are honest and sincere and try their hardest.

“Can I Trust My Doctor?”
As regards trust – the answer is a simple Yes! In order to improve your chances of survival in your battle in this war – work with your physician, however there are many things that are helpful in your fight that your physician cannot do for you. It is important that you understand that only you can cure yourself – of anything.

Dr. Kelley’s book helps guide you through the things you can do to help yourself and accomplish the best possible state of health.

As regards your Dr.’s willingness to be involved: First, you’ll need to find a doctor who will work with you – NOT on you! Secondly, our books and teachings are available to all – including Doctors – after all, they get cancer too!

Work with your physician and do all he or she advises, and study and glean all you can from Dr. Kelley’s book, CANCER: Curing the Incurable without Surgery, Chemotherapy or Radiation

For over 35 years our researchers have had the integrity, discipline and stamina to thoroughly investigate the parameters of the disease process that is commonly known as Cancer. They have addressed this – a most serious issue of our times – with honesty, integrity, openness and determination that befit the intelligence and position of scientific researchers.

Metabolic Supplementation
Cancer is basically a deficiency disease – a deficiency of the pancreatic enzymes. This is a deficiency of the free active enzymes in the tissues of the body.

The 1994 Hatch Act Allows Individuals and Physicians to Support the Metabolic Needs of the Body!
Since 1994 and the passage of the Hatch Act, individuals and physicians may legally support human metabolism by diet, nutritional supplements and certain procedures as long as they are not harmful. In fact, for many years it has been accepted that one must add vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, etc. to the human diet to support and maintain health. We are bombarded daily with the advertising of many “fortified” products that inform us of the necessity of supplying the body’s metabolic needs.

Missing Nutrients
The modern diet is quite deficient in certain foods that have in the past been mainstays of good nutrition and the support of health. The most outstanding missing group as a whole is the organ meats, such as kidney, liver, stomach, intestinal tract tripe, and lung. These health-building foods are unheard of and unavailable in today’s society. To get these today one must obtain them in the form of nutritional supplements.

Pancreas tissue or sweetbreads without a doubt, indicated by our 30 odd years of research, is the most deficient item in our food chain. It should be noted that the pancreas is the most needed of all the missing organ meats from our diets. It must be supplied in our diets or serious deficiencies result.

Low temperature processed pancreas gland enzymes are available to the public in various Metabolic Formulas listed below. These nutritional products are designed to support the normal metabolic processes of human metabolism.

Metabolic Nutritional Supplementation
Following are the Metabolic Formulas Dr. Kelley’s counselees have taken and used over these past nealry 50 years. They have been helpful to thousands of his metabolic counselees.

The College of Metabolic Medicine’s products listed below are still manufactured to Dr. Kelley’s exact specifications and under his direct supervision.

A.Metabolic Formulas A, Ca+, L, Mg, P and T

1. Formula A – For those who have been diagnosed by their physician as having Class I Malignancies – AIDS.

2. Formula Ca+ – For those who have been diagnosed by their physician as having Class III Malignancies, or test positive on Dr. Kelley’s Pancreas Self-Examination Procedure. This is a very powerful Multi-Glandular Enzyme Formulation.

3. Formula L – For those who have been diagnosed by their physician as having Class II Malignancies, such as Leukemia or Lymphoma.

4. Formula Mg – For those who have not been diagnosed with cancer has proven to be helpful in prevention of cancer as well as the digestion of food.. This is very powerful Multi-Glandular Enzyme Formulation with enzyme activators not only to make it work efficiently, but also to activate one’s own pancreatic enzyme production. For prevention this enzyme formula should be taken with meals (food) two capsules with meals and one with snacks.

Formula Mg contain enzyme activators that are lacking in most cancer patients. Formula Mg activates the pancreatic juice (peptones) as soon as food from the stomach and peptones from the pancreas arrive in the intestinal tract. A lack of these activators prevents the pancreatic enzymes from digesting food and destroying cancer cells in the body.

5. Formula P – For those who have successfully recovered form cancer as outlined below, should take three capsules with each meal. Prevention of reoccurrence is this enzyme’s contribution to your health. Dr. Kelley takes these daily, “I do not want to have cancer again!”

6. Formula T – Pancreas Self-Examination Test – 24 capsules per day, 6 with each meal + 6 capsules at bedtime.

B. Timing of Metabolic Formulas
It is far more important than one can possibly realize to take the Metabolic Formulas at the proper time. The Metabolic Formulas should be taken when the body is in the proper acid/alkaline balance.

The most essential part of resolving the metabolic malfunction of those with pancreatic failure is to get the enzymes to the affiliated areas of deterioration. We must have enough enzymes there to stop any further deterioration of body tissue.

Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Cure Program has succeeded with a high percentage of former cancer patients because it reverses the process of degeneration. You have cancer because you allowed your overall general health to degenerate; Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Cure Program helps you to regenerate. Dr. Kelley does not deny that his approach applies extreme measures. He maintains that extreme measures are required when you have allowed your health to fall so low that your have left yourself vulnerable to cancer. He has identified four major lines of defense against cancer: the pancreas; the immune system; mineral balance; calcium metabolism. All of them depend heavily on nutrition for their strength.

You take so many pills because Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Cure Program leaves nothing to chance. You take so many pills in order to be sure that your glands will be totally supported, your immune system highly stimulated, and your body chemistry properly balanced. You take so many pills because the objective of Metabolic Medicine’s Cancer Cure Program is to turn your degeneration into your regeneration.

With degrees obtained from Baylor University, University of Alabama and University of West Virginia in dentistry, orthodontics, chemistry, education, physiology and with a strong background in nutrition, Dr. William Donald Kelley was uniquely qualified to design the holistic programs, which have been so successful with his patients – most of whom were suffering from degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, allergies and arthritis.

Formerly an Orthodontist, Dr. Kelley is a metabolic researcher and the creator of four of holistic medicine’s most advanced concepts:

  • Non-Specific Metabolic Therapy

  • the Science of Optimum Health

  • Metabolic Ecology ™


  • Metabolic Typing

(a concept, which Linda Clark of the prestigious Price-Pottenger Foundation called: “The most important nutritional discovery in the last 150 years.”)

Kelley first applied his metabolic programs on his own family. He helped his children overcome serious allergy and asthma problems and solved his own health problem – metastasized pancreatic cancer – which is generally considered incurable. Upon being told that he couldn’t recover with conventional therapies, he intensified his study of metabolic medicine, attempting to find a way his own body could eliminate the disease. Ridding himself of his disease was only the first of many “impossible” jobs that Dr. Kelley has done in these past four decades. Dr. Kelley is a man of no small ambition who has been quoted as saying, “If we don’t change the whole course of health care, we won’t have accomplished a thing!”

REMEMBER, Dr. Kelley’s success is unparalleled in conventional medicine, however there will never be a conventional CURE for Cancer until the Establishment can accomplish their objectives by permitting it. Kelley’s objective as a teacher is to provide you with, if you choose, the necessary data by which to live a long and useful life, never dying of Cancer. We would much rather have your friends and relatives read in the obituary column – you died at age 95 from gunshot wounds, inflicted by a jealous lover – NOT FROM CANCER!

Editor’s Notes: As a broadcaster on the “Politically Incorrect” alternative media for these past five years (now 15 years), the one constant, which I have discovered – is that the American public has been so conned into giving up their self-responsibilities. We have grown up looking for instant gratification in our every endeavor, from fast food to a quick buck and instant gratification under the sheets. We have turned over our money and wealth into the hands of our banker, our insurance man and our stock-brokers.

We have turned over the preparation of meals to our favorite fast food restaurant (all the while imbibing this junk), while turning over our health to every doctor or dentist who will tell us what we want to hear. We also seem to expect our Priest, Minister or Rabbi to provide us with the keys to Heaven.

In generations gone by, Americans took responsibility for these things upon themselves – and lived healthy lives. They ate the right foods (much of which they hunted for or grew themselves without benefit of governmental “guidelines”). It ‘s high time that we returned to the ways of old – before it’s too late. And while some of the old ways are no longer possible or practical – there are new ways, which will get the job done. Follow the advise of the likes of Dr. Kelley and his ilk – and you’ll do just fine. (J.B.)

Spiritual Attitude
If you are one of the many millions of people who have been told that you have cancer and that your days are numbered, then it is you who must be interested enough to seek out the truth of your condition.

  • Finally, If your cancer has caused you to stop, think, pray, and know God better, it has been a blessing to you.
  • If your cancer has caused you to realize the importance and magnificence of this temple wherein your soul dwells, you have been doubly blessed.
  • If your cancer has caused you to look within and ask the Christ to dwell within you, you have been thrice blessed.

If your cancer has taught you spiritual truth, you have gained much. I pray with you and for you that at this point you have come to the realization that your spiritual decision to get well or not to get well is your own responsibility. If you decide to go home early – rejoice – for the Father prepares a place for you. Those of you who have loved ones, who have made this decision, rejoice with them and send them on their way into God’s care.

The truth of Dr. Kelley’s paradigm is both preventive and healing. CANCER: Curing the Incurable without Surgery, Chemotherapy or Radiation will provide you with each of these. We wish you God’s speed and hope that the truth will set you free.

Compiled from the teachings of Dr. William Donald Kelley, D.D.S. , and published on, October 15, 2000. Embedded links may no longer be active (Ed. 12.29.10)