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Just gone to a better place…

There are many trials in this life that we must all face. With the passing of Joey Feek on March 4, 2015, the world lost a true angel. Rory and their daughter have had someone with them, who was truly a rare individual – an Angel here on Earth.

Behind the scenes of “When I’m Gone” recording. Rory wasn’t allowed to sing on this taping. He did NOT like that! It broke his heart, even then, at the thought of losing Joey. . . Little did they know, at the time of the recording, this would be a message from Joey that Rory would need over and over and over again.

It’s truly amazing to see how God works in everyone’s life, especially in Joey and Rory’s life. The fact that God presented this song for Joey and Rory to do, before she was diagnosed with cancer is unreal. It is heart wrenching to think that Joey is gone, and that we won’t get to hear her beautiful voice anymore, but God makes everything work for the better. Joey got her wish to see Christ. She is using her beautiful talents for the Lord in Heaven! I’m praying for Rory as this new transition will go smoothly and go accordingly to how God planned it. Both Joey and Rory are great examples to how we all should be living as children of God (individually), as spouses, and as parents.

Rebekah Whitcomb Continue reading

Pharma Exec for Maker of $150,000 Cancer Drug Tells Investors Its Pricing Is “Very Responsible”

Johnson_&_JohnsonA top official at pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson dismissed questions on a recent earnings call about the drug price reform debate in Washington, saying that the company is “responsible” in its pricing.

As part of the question and answer period during the company’s third quarter earnings call in October, one questioner asked Johnson & Johnson Chief Financial Officer Dominic Caruso where he sees the drug pricing reform debate in Washington going and if the company was planning a pledge, similar to one made by many firms in the 1990s, to not raise drug prices beyond the cost of inflation. Continue reading

Somers: ‘I never let cancer beat me’

somersShe has had some battles in her 68 years. And Suzanne Somers is not afraid to talk about them.

On Tuesday – the day after she delivered an impressive performance on Dancing With The Stars – the Three’s Company actress wrote an emotional post for People.

‘I never let cancer beat me,’ the survivor wrote in her weekly column. ‘Instead I used it to work for me as incentive to do all that I have had to do to achieve peak health again. So putting all those thoughts together got to me [on the show].’

She added, ‘The information I have passed on to millions of women in my books comes from a profound passion to bring the most cutting-edge alternative protocols to the forefront showing women and men that there is a new way to age. Continue reading

Coming Soon

After many months of overhauling this site, we will soon embark on providing our readers with examples of Kelley counselees, and their stories of Ultimate Victory over the dreaded dis-ease, known as Cancer.

If you were a patient of Dr. Kelley’s and wish to share your story with us, please email us at info@drkelley.info. Please mark your transmission as “VICTORY“. (Ed.)