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The Cancer Industry is too prosperous to allow a cure

Cancer Makes Too Much Money to Cure

My Personal Introduction to Conventional Cancer Treatment Began in 1995

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The surgeon pointed his pen at a large tumor on the CAT scan and began to explain the procedure for removing the colon cancer. He then paused for a moment and said to my wife, “This isn’t your biggest problem.” He then began to tap his pen on three small points that were visible on the image of her liver. “These are a much bigger problem, because we can’t remove them with surgery.”

Everyone we met at the University medical center was compassionate and concerned for us. After the surgery, we met with the oncologist. He explained the chemotherapy option. He told my wife, “You have 6 months to one year to live if you do chemotherapy. If you don’t do chemotherapy, then you have 6 months to 1 year to live.” The only positive reason that he could offer us for doing chemotherapy was that if by chance she was in the group that only had 6 months to live, then it might extend her life a few more months. We asked about alternative treatments, and he indicated that none of them have proven beneficial. My wife opted to not do chemotherapy, because she didn’t want to suffer the side effects of the drugs. Continue reading

Know the facts about root canals and their link to cancer

dentist-mouthDentists everywhere perform them as a way of removing potentially life-threatening infections from their patients’ teeth. But root canals aren’t the surefire fix that many people think they are, as they not only cause many of the same infections that they supposedly remedy, but research shows that they also significantly increase one’s risk of developing cancer later in life. Continue reading

Attorney General Admits Pot Isn’t a Gateway Drug, but that Prescription Pills Are

prescription-drugsThe National Institute on Drug Abuse is a U.S. federal research institute focused on “[advancing] science on the causes and consequences of drug use and addiction … to apply that knowledge to improve individual and public health.” Though it admits “the majority of people who use marijuana do not go on to use other, ‘harder’ substances,” it still describes marijuana as a gateway drug.

But U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch recently told a group of Kentucky high school students the role of marijuana in the national drug abuse debate has been overstated. Continue reading

Tired of taking pills?

Try these 6 natural pain relievers

Young beautiful woman is having arm ache.Your head hurts, you pop a pill. Your knees hurt, you pop a pill. Basically, anytime you feel pain, you’re probably popping a pill. Sure, these pills can help relieve pain, but in a day, you’re probably up to four pills, and in a month, you can be up to 120! Taking pain-relieving pills has been tied to health complications, a sick liver, for example.

Instead of relying on over-the-counter solutions, why not go natural with the below six remedies that can offer relief to your nagging pain. Continue reading

The Plastic Plague

Hormone-disrupting chemicals in everyday things like water bottles DO cause cancer, diabetes, ADHD and autism – and cost US $340 BILLION a year


Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) interfere with the body’s hormonal system, affecting development and leaving the body open to a staggering range of diseases.

But they are found in thousands of everyday products, ranging from plastic and metal food containers, to detergents, flame retardants, toys and cosmetics. Continue reading

How magic mushrooms can HELP cancer patients

Active ingredient ‘reduces anxiety and depression’

magic-mushroomsHearing a doctor utter the ‘C’ word – cancer – is a diagnosis each and every person dreads.

The disease can consume a patient’s life, leaving them in a constant state of fear. While trying to take in the enormity of their diagnosis, they will inevitably face gruelling medical treatment. As a result it is unsurprising that cancer patients often suffer with depression and anxiety at the same time.

But, rather than seek help on a therapist’s couch, a new study suggests that people living through the turmoil of cancer could relieve their mental health problems by taking magic mushrooms. Continue reading

Could artificial sweeteners like Splenda trigger cancer?

An artificial sweetener promoted as a healthier alternative to sugar may raise the risk of leukaemia, a study has found.

'Cancer-causing': Sucralose, the artificial sweetener in Splenda, may raise the risk of leukaemia and other cancers, a study has found

‘Cancer-causing’: Sucralose, the artificial sweetener in Splenda, may raise the risk of leukaemia and other cancers, a study has found

Italian researchers found Splenda, a sweetener which containing sucralose, was linked with an increased risk of this type of blood cancer as well as other cancers.

The team, from the Ramazzini Institute, called for ‘urgent’ follow up studies to assess whether the ingredient is harmful.

However, Splenda’s makers, Heartland Food Products Group, issued a strong rebuttal, arguing a body of evidence has found the product to be safe, and calling into question the reliability of studies by the Ramazzini Institute. Continue reading

Is Vegetable Oil Really Better for Your Heart?

A new look at an old study raises some questions and reignites a debate about saturated fat.

Steve Lupton / Corbis

Steve Lupton / Corbis

Two people stand at a stove, some chopped onions, or maybe a pitcher of pancake batter, at each of their sides. One puts a pat of butter into his pan, letting it melt. The other glugs a bottle of vegetable oil into his. Other than that, they both cook identical meals. Who’s healthier?

Modern conventional wisdom would say the man who opts for vegetable oil is healthier than the pan-butterer. The American Heart Association suggests using oils like olive, sunflower, corn, or canola for healthier cooking. Continue reading

Why cranberries really ARE superfoods

Whether juiced or dried, experts say the fruit ‘improves gut, heart, and brain health’

Cranberries can boost the metabolism - helping to keep people skinny. Other research has found they can benefit cardiovascular health and the immune system

Cranberries can boost the metabolism – helping to keep people skinny. Other research has found they can benefit cardiovascular health and the immune system

From juice and sauces to fresh servings and dried portions – cranberries are versatile little berries.

Proven to help clear up urinary tract infections and even linked to helping more serious illnesses such as bowel cancer, their health virtues are repeatedly championed. Cranberries are also a rich source of antioxidants – which have been linked to preventing numerous chronic diseases. Continue reading

How chili and ginger cut cancer risk

Combination of spices ‘obstruct tumor-nourishing receptor’


Hot stuff! Spice-phobes should consider a change of heart – since new research shows these two ingredients combine to create a compound that fights cancer

Many of us love the hot kick of a curry searing with chili peppers and ginger, but some can’t stand the burn.

But spice-phobes should consider a change of heart – since new research shows these two ingredients combine to create a compound that fights cancer.

The finding, from the American Chemical Society, builds on previous studies that suggested a property in chili peppers (capsaicin) fuels tumor growth. Continue reading

Could other people’s pills be ending up in your tap water?

Experts fear massive doses of prescription drugs return unaltered through our sewage

glasses_of_waterEvery time you enjoy a cool, clear glass of tap water, you could be drinking a cocktail of other people’s second-hand medications.

That is thanks to the fact that today’s pharmaceuticals have been designed to be stable and long-lasting.

While that makes their doses reliably consistent, it also means that a substantial amount of the prescribed drugs that people take goes through their bodies and out into waste water. Ultimately a proportion of these drugs pours unaltered through the sewage filtering system and re-enters our domestic supply. Continue reading

Coffee really CAN help to prevent dementia

Just two cups a day ‘cuts the risk of developing it by 36 per cent’

Coffee is more than just an enjoyable treat, it can actually help to prevent the onslaught of dementia, scientists claim

Coffee is more than just an enjoyable treat, it can actually help to prevent the onslaught of dementia, scientists claim

It’s tasty, warm and gives you a much needed energy boost – just about everybody loves a cup of coffee.

But now scientists claim the hot drink is more than just an enjoyable treat, it can actually help to prevent the onslaught of dementia.

Women over the age of 65 who had a normal caffeine intake were 36 per cent less likely to develop a cognitive impairment, a study found, however experts haven’t quite put their finger on why just two cups of coffee a day can help to prevent dementia. Continue reading

Why eating healthy really could save your life

Diets low in fat and sugar are ‘just as effective as statins in reducing the risk of heart attacks’

Farmer-Gardener-Harvest-Crops-Vegetables-SoilA healthy diet is just as effective as statins in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, scientists found.

The daily pills – which cost less than 6p a day – offer the same amount of protection as a diet low in salt, fat and sugar, a study claims.

Both lower the levels of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) in the blood which helps to prevent strokes, heart attacks and heart disease. Continue reading

High blood pressure is linked to DEMENTIA

Common condition ‘damages white matter in the brain’

blood_pressureHigh blood pressure – especially in middle age – is linked to dementia, a study has found.

More than one in four adults have high blood pressure, dubbed the silent killer, although many people will not know.

A review of existing studies by the American Heart Association (AHA) found high blood pressure ‘disrupts the structure and function of cerebral blood vessels’.

This leads to damage of the white matter parts of the brain that are critical for cognitive function, and may promote dementia, including Alzheimer’s. Continue reading

12 Cancer Causing Foods You Probably Eat Every Day

Health-and-Medical-Newspaper-960x645In today’s world, we frequently come in contact with items, such as air fresheners, car fumes, candles, and even foods, that increase our risk of cancer. In fact, there are quite a few foods that you likely eat every single day that has been linked to cancer. So, what are they? Here are 12 cancer-causing foods that you probably eat every single day. Continue reading

Swiss study: Some deodorants could cause breast cancer

Women who regularly use deodorants containing aluminum salts could risk developing breast cancer

woman_deoderantInitial tests on isolated mammary cells derived from a normal human gland were later replicated in studies on mice, and the results were the same: long-term exposure to concentrations of aluminum caused cells to form tumors and metastasise.

I think we should avoid all deodorants containing aluminum salts,” co-author André-Pascal Sappino told The Local.

And it’s very difficult to be sure that the so-called ‘without aluminum’ brands really are without,” added the oncology professor from the University of Geneva. Continue reading

Diet and Alzheimer’s: A Correlation

Alzheimer-A-Tu-Salud1We all fear Alzheimer’s. No one wants to become a vegetable who is dependent on his family or some expensive staff.

There are lots of health food assessments and diets. Whether they work or not is mostly guesswork and faith. So is the following. But this was published in Psychology Today. This does not make it true, but at least it makes it acceptable within the limits of conventional medicine. It means that there is conventional research behind it. This research comes to semi-conventional findings. What amazes me is this: the findings are consistent with correlations that medical science has been aware of for years. Yet I am only now hearing about this. This information should be widely known among laymen. It isn’t.

The findings are consistent with what Francis Pottenger told me in 1949. He was my personal physician when I was 7-9 years old. Today, once again, I am happy that he was. He got me well in 18 months. He may have kept me well ever since. I have followed his regimen ever since.

I offer this in the spirit of friendly sharing. Read it while you still can. ~ Gary North ~ The Tea Party Economist
Continue reading

What do YOU know about your own health?

10 key facts people should know but often don’t…

Nearly half said they do not know their blood pressure or what a good reading was for it

Nearly half said they do not know their blood pressure or what a good reading was for it

Many of us will try out the latest diet or fitness fad in the quest for the body beautiful.

But when it comes to key facts about our own health, our knowledge is often lacking.

In fact, most are pretty clueless about their health – with more than half admitting they don’t even know their own blood type, a study has found.

Millions have no idea what their cholesterol levels are or what their normal blood pressure or BMI are.

What weight is healthy for your height and how many calories and glasses of water should be consumed daily also leave many stumped. Continue reading

Student is suspended for posting ‘concerning’ picture of discolored water coming out of a restroom sink on social media

funky_sink_waterHazel Juco said the water concerned her and she ‘just took a picture of it’ and then talked about it with other students in her newspaper class, WXYZ reported.

Juco, who is a senior at John Glenn High School, posted the photo on Facebook and Twitter.

She told the station that she hoped ‘someone will see it and want to help us’ because she said, it’s obvious that her school ‘doesn’t have money’.

Juco was then given Out of School Suspension (OSS) as she said school officials told her that she inappropriately used ‘electronics in the restroom’. Continue reading

Dr. V.: Can Frequencies Kill Cancer?


Royal Raymond Rife

Essential #3 of the 7 Essentials System ™ is about healing your body through Balancing your Energy. This can be accomplished in so many ways: Chiropractic, acupuncture, Bach Flower remedies, balancing your hormones, restful sleep and moving your body. But what if frequency itself could be the means through which actual cancer cells are destroyed and tumors evaporated? Sounds like science fiction? In fact, the means to do this has existed for almost 100 years!
Continue reading

Bankers, Doctors, and Dozens of Scientists Have Been Dying Mysteriously

Oh my!

Crime scene illustration, vector

Crime scene illustration, vector

You may remember a while back there was a spate of news articles about high-level bankers and bank employees committing suicide. Conspiracy theories were coming left and right and then as suddenly as the reports started they stopped – just like that. Here is a list of more than 50 of these bankers, in date order, with a brief overview on each of them.

You probably also remember that last year, a dozen holistic doctors either died or went missing over a course of only 90 days. How oddly coincidental. Continue reading

Pediatricians Warn Cell Phone Radiation Poses Cancer Risk to Children

The nation’s largest group of pediatricians warns parents against needlessly exposing children to cell phones due to a new government study linking cell phone radiation to cancer

kids_on_cellFollowing a study last May that linked wireless radiation to deadly heart and brain cancers, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has issued a series of recommendations that warn parents of the dangers cell phones and other wireless devices present to their children.

The initial study was carried out by the US National Toxicology Program over a period of two years. It found that rats suffered DNA damage in their brain cells as well as a high probability of developing brain tumors and malignant Schwann cell tumors in the heart. Continue reading

How to cut YOUR chances of getting cancer

bennett_0608In my seventeen-odd years of working with the Kelley program, what you are about to read comes as no surprise to me. Much – if not all of what follows was discovered and published by Dr. William Donald Kelley in his writings and teachings (still available in updated forms) back in the late 1960’s. We are now a half century beyond those times, and grants are still being given to researchers to come up with the same discoveries – BUT – they are still worth sharinging. ~ J.B. (Editor)

8 proven ways to help protect against the deadly disease

Want to prevent cancer? From taking an aspirin to eating yoghurt, lifestyle changes could prevent a staggering 40 per cent of Britain’s cancers – here are the proven ways to lower your risk. Continue reading

1800’s Medical Cures That Still Work Today

Skaemthistorier och muntra anekdoter av Kapten Punch. Printed in 1898

Skaemthistorier och muntra anekdoter av Kapten ~ Punch. Printed in 1898

Once upon a time, more than two-thirds of all Americans lived in rural towns or extensive farms. Indoor plumbing was unheard of, homes were heated with wood and lit by kerosene or oil lamps, work was hard and diseases were plenty.

Should we find ourselves back in these precarious times – or we simply prefer natural remedies — we might find it beneficial to know what types of herbs, medicines and common practices were the tool of the trade for the 19th century doctor. Continue reading

One of Nature’s Most Perfect Foods

Photo: Memphis Bell McNeil (c) 2016

Photo: Memphis Bell McNeil (c) 2016

The amazing bee has provided us with a beneficial natural food supplement. Long ago the Greeks and Romans called natural bee pollen “the life-giving dust” or the secret “ambrosia” eaten to acquire eternal youth. Pollen was entombed with pharaohs, it was used by the American Indians, and for centuries by tribes in China. In our modern times, scientists, gerontologists and nutritionists have rediscovered these bee-prepared foods and confirmed that they are able to promote benefits in the form of healing and rejuvenation. Some nutritionists state that you could live adequately on bee pollen alone. Science shows that bee pollen, that wondrous yet mysterious nectar, has natural rejuvenating powers, aids beauty, boosts energy, extends life span, fights allergies (and possibly even cancer) and relieves digestive disorders. Bee pollen bursts with easily-assimilated protein and lecithin, which nourish the brain and nervous system. Continue reading