Garlic: A Wonder Herb

It’s a medicine! It’s a salve! It’s a glue! It’s … garlic!

garlic_01Did you know garlic naturally repels mosquitoes (and according to folklore, vampires)? That’s not surprising considering it can also repel your loved ones, co-workers and neighbors … for days … following an extra garlicky meal.

But this innocent little herb doesn’t mean to offend anyone. Commonly called the “stinking rose,” garlic’s sulfur-containing compounds are responsible for the delicious kick it gives meals (and the ensuing garlic breath) … as well as a surprising number of health and other benefits.

Good for Your Health
Garlic is made up of more than 70 active plant chemicals, including allicin — the source of its odor and potential health benefits. Some studies have shown when added to your diet, garlic might: Continue reading

Unhealthy food cravings are a sign of mineral deficiencies

grpes-berriesMost of us have, at one point in our lives, experienced intense cravings for unhealthy foods. Whether it be for chocolate, donuts, salty snacks or refined carbs, our bodies appear to want them — and we’re often all too happy to submit. There’s just one problem: Eating these foods doesn’t seem to end the cravings. What is going on here? Are our bodies playing a cruel joke on us? Well, not quite. Continue reading

Empowering Your Health: Beyond Monsanto, Rockefeller And The American Medical Association

aa-Dees-AMA-American-Murder-AssociationWhen your doctor tells you your prescription is approved by the American Medical Association (AMA), it’s intended to give you confidence. But what it really means is that the drug or procedure is endorsed and funded by the same corporations that endorse and fund Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and other products that are harmful to your health. In fact, the AMA is in part financed by Pfizer, which owns Monsanto, the company that manufactured controversial and proven-to-be-dangerous products such as the insecticide DDT, PCBs, Agent Orange, and recombinant bovine somatotropin (a.k.a. bovine growth hormone) and is now the largest manufacturer of genetically modified seeds and the herbicide glyphosate, which GMO’s require. This is only one of the insidious connections between the AMA and corporations that cause, and prosper from, your ill health. Continue reading

Genetically Modified Organisms: Sobering Consequences

Part 2: Unintended GMO Health Risks

Monsantos-Genetically-Modified-Foods“If manufacturers are so sure there is nothing wrong with genetically modified foods, pesticides and cloned meats, they should have no problems labeling them as such. “After all, cancer will kill one in every two men and one in every three women now alive,” reports Samuel Epstein, chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition. Like our ancestors, we act in ways that will bemuse future societies. The military-industrial complex lubricates the mass-agriculture system with fossil fuels. Tons of heavy metals and other hazardous waste is sprayed on American agricultural soil.” – Adam Leith Gollne, The Fruit Hunters: A Story of Nature, Adventure, Commerce and Obsession

During WWII, chemical companies like Chevron manufactured Mustard gas to kill enemies by disrupting troops’ nervous systems. They changed their focus to continue their profits. They decided that crops growing in the fields of America needed poisons to stop the insects that nurtured them like bees, wasps and bats—all pollinators that make crops multiply and thrive.

They campaigned with “higher crop yields” and paid off a lot of U.S. Congressmen who “okayed” the poisons via legislation. Chevron and other companies amassed a fortune with DDT and other nerve gases that crippled mosquitoes, flies and gnats, but quickly killed birds, rodents, hawks, eagles and countless other species living on the ground floor of Earth. Continue reading

Genetically Modified Organisms: Unleashing 21st Century Frankenstein on the Natural World

Part 1: Changing the DNA structure of the Mother Nature

gmo_cornIn the 20st century, the human mob re-arranged rivers, deserts, rainforests and the oceans to suit its voracious appetite for dominance over the Natural World. Stemming from that 100-year epic onslaught, we humans created communities around the globe featuring 10 million, 20 million to 36 million people piled up in mega-cities around the world.

We contaminated rivers with our poisons, the air with our fossil fuel exhaust and clear cut rainforests by the millions of acres. Our onslaught of the Natural World continues with 80 to 100 species of our fellow travelers losing their existence 24/7 to our encroachment upon their habitat. (Source: Norman Myers, Oxford University)

One of our most prolific acts continues on the bees and other pollinators around the world. In the past 50 years, we poisoned every crop with hundreds of chemical herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers, which, in turn, caused trillions of bees to suffer “Colony Collapse” throughout the world. Without the bees, which I wrote about earlier this year, our species cannot feed itself. Continue reading

Man, 98, free from lung cancer for over 30 years

Eats foods from his own garden, never had chemotherapy

Farmer-Gardener-Harvest-Crops-Vegetables-SoilWhen Greek native Stamatis Moraitis was living in the United States, he was diagnosed with lung cancer and told he had just nine months to live. At the time, he was in his mid-sixties.

Here’s a glimpse at his timeline, but don’t worry about breaking out a box of tissues: six months into his journey, he started feeling significantly better. Twenty five years later, when he went to visit his U.S. doctors during a trip from his native Greek Island, Ikaria, he learned that his doctors had died. Today, he’s living life to the fullest as a vibrant 98-year old. Continue reading

Bye bye Coumadin, So-long Plavix

Say hello to five natural blood thinners that protect against strokes and blood clots

prescription-drugsThe November 2011 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine reported that most emergency hospital visits for the elderly are caused by side effects and overdosing from taking blood thinners to prevent strokes and blood clots. Conventional doctors wait until you’re at risk of a stroke or have had your first stroke to prescribe blood thinners in hopes of preventing additional strokes. What they don’t warn you about are the serious possible side effects from these drugs including internal bleeding, stomach ulcers, muscle aches and pains, headaches with dizziness, kidney failure and a boat load of other negatives that can destroy your health. However, there are several natural substances that possess powerful anti-inflammatory properties and also help to thin the blood. These herbs can also produce their own side effects and should not be taken in combination with pharmaceutical drugs. Don’t take any unfamiliar medicinal herb unless supervised by a well-trained herbalist or natural health practitioner. Continue reading

Whistleblower: “Drugs giant GlaxoSmithKline bribed doctors to boost sales.”

…and YOU believe that it’s only going on in Merry Ol’ England?

gskBritain’s biggest drug company, GlaxoSmithKline, allegedly bribed doctors in Poland using money that was meant to be spent on educating patients, according to new evidence revealed today by the BBC Panorama programme.

A GSK whistleblower claims that money put aside to teach patients in Poland about an asthma drug, Seretide, actually went towards paying doctors to prescribe more of the medicine.

Jarek Wisniewiski, who was with the company for eight years until 2012, worked on a marketing programme across the country in 2010 to push the asthma drug.

He told Panorama that although officially the money was to be spent on medical training, in reality it was used to bribe doctors to boost the company’s sales. Continue reading

Why Asparagus Makes Your Pee Smell and Onions Make You Cry

asparagusChemistry teacher’s DIY infographics reveal truth behind strange effects of certain foods.

Natural food may be healthier than processed, but some can have strange effects on our bodies.

A British graduate chemist and secondary school teacher has created a number of infographics to explain the unexpected chemistry behind some foods – revealing why coffee tastes bitter and chocolate is toxic to dogs. Continue reading

Investigation Exposes WHO and Big Pharma Pandemic Flu ‘Conspiracy’

vaccine2During the 2009 global influenza pandemic, millions upon millions were vaccinated for a so-called ‘swine-flu’, but a joint investigation by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism (BIJ) has uncovered some serious conflicts of interest between the World Health Organization (WHO), who proposed such heavy vaccinations, and the pharmaceutical companies which created them. Continue reading

Chemotherapy proven to cause long, agonizing, suffering death

no_chemoNew evidence confirms what we’ve known here at Natural News for some time — that chemotherapy is one of the worst forms of cancer treatment there is, primarily because of the horrific chemicals involved, but also because it is simply an agonizing way to kill.

According to a newly published study in the British Medical Journal, more than half of end-stage cancer patients are given chemotherapy during the final few months of their life, and those who received such treatment were much more likely to die uncomfortably: in a hospital intensive care unit hooked to a ventilator, rather than at home as they wanted. Continue reading