Look for Cancer, and Find It

CANCMammography has become a fighting word in recent years, with some researchers questioning its value and others staunchly defending it.

One especially disturbing criticism is that screening mammography may lead to “overtreatment,” in which some women go through grueling therapies — surgery, radiation, chemotherapy — that they do not need. Indeed, some studies estimate that 19 percent or more of women whose breast cancers are found by mammography wind up being overtreated.

This problem occurs, researchers say, because mammography can “overdiagnose” breast cancer, meaning that some of the tiny cancers it finds would probably never progress or threaten the patient’s life. But they are treated anyway.

So where are these overtreated women? Nobody knows. Continue reading

Holy Basil Benefits: Growing Your Own Medicine

Ocimum_tenuiflorum_KelleyAll herbs have a purpose—whether it’s culinary or medicinal—but, it’s a particularly good sign when an herb is revered as the “queen of herbs” and is held as a holy plant worthy of worship. This plant, holy basil (tulsi), not only has medicinal benefits, but is also said to have spiritual benefits. What’s more, holy basil benefits can be experienced in an exciting way, as the herb can be grown in your home or on your patio – making it a great addition to your healing herb garden.

Holy basil, or tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum) is a member of the mint family. It’s closely related to the sweet basil you add to Italian dishes and pesto, but the flavors are quite different. This plant is sometimes referred to as pepper basil as it’s clove-flavor is spicier than it’s sweet counterpart. Continue reading

Small Slice of Doctors Account for Big Chunk of Medicare Costs

Top 1% of Medical Providers Accounted for 14% of Billing, Federal Data Show

Da_Vinci_Vitruve_Luc_Viatour.jpgA tiny sliver of doctors and other medical providers accounted for an outsize portion of Medicare’s 2012 costs, according to an analysis of federal data that lays out details of physicians’ billings. The top 1% of 825,000 individual medical providers accounted for 14% of the $77 billion in billing recorded in the data.

The long-awaited data reveal for the first time how individual medical providers treat America’s seniors—and, in some cases, may enrich themselves in the process. Still, there are gaps in the records released by the U.S. about physicians’ practice patterns, and doctors’ groups said the release of such data leaves innocent physicians open to unfair criticism.

Medicare paid 344 physicians and other health providers more than $3 million each in 2012. Collectively, the 1,000 highest-paid Medicare doctors received $3.05 billion in payments. (See More Coverage)

Widespread Flaws Found in Ovarian Cancer Treatment

ovarian_02Most women with ovarian cancer receive inadequate care and miss out on treatments that could add a year or more to their lives, a new study has found.

The results highlight what many experts say is a neglected problem: widespread, persistent flaws in the care of women with this disease, which kills 15,000 a year in the United States. About 22,000 new cases are diagnosed annually, most of them discovered at an advanced stage and needing aggressive treatment. Worldwide, there are about 200,000 new cases a year.

Cancer specialists around the country say the main reason for the poor care is that most women are treated by doctors and hospitals that see few cases of the disease and lack expertise in the complex surgery and chemotherapy that can prolong life. Continue reading

One Man Alone:

An Investigation of Nutrition, Cancer, and William Donald Kelley

Excerpt from Introduction 2010

A young Dr. Gonzalez with his mentor...

A young Dr. Gonzalez with his mentor…

It is hard sometimes to believe that 28 years have now passed since I first began my investigations of the controversial alternative cancer therapist and dentist William Donald Kelley. In July of 1981, after my second year of medical school at Cornell, a good friend and successful writer called me one afternoon asking if I knew anything about Dr. Kelley and his strange nutritional treatment for cancer. I had certainly heard of Kelley by that point. His name had been splashed across all the major and minor newspapers and TV news shows some eight months earlier, vilified as the practitioner supervising the treatment of the actor Steve McQueen who in November 1980 lost his battle with advanced mesothelioma in a Mexican clinic. The stories had continued for many months even after McQueen’s death, and though I hadn’t followed the case too closely and knew little about Kelley, I thought the vicious attacks against him somewhat peculiar. After all, McQueen suffered a malignancy that was—and still is—incurable in the conventional world. Kelley had tried, I thought, when I first read articles about him and McQueen, and hadn’t succeeded—hardly some grievous sin, since all practicing oncologists try and fail, with many if not most of their patients. Continue reading

A Holistic Dentist Talks About Her Nightmare With Mercury

Mercury-Cavities-Dentist-TeethShe says she first remembers developing a myriad of medical problems in grade school, but no one seemed to know why. The last thing the medical/dental community thought was that her problems could ever have been caused by her fillings.

As a young girl, Diane Meyer says she got amalgam “silver fillings” in her teeth that contained a combination of elements, but which were filled about 50 percent with mercury. It was the filling of choice back then and remained the filling of choice for decades thereafter.

In those days, the 1970s, she says, the medical community had little information on the harmful side effects of the deadly metal. Certainly, the dental community never suspected anything.

“They said mercury could not leach from fillings,” she told Natural News in a far-ranging interview. “They were wrong.” Continue reading

Cooking With Greens

Throughout my life I have always enjoyed soups – of an exotic flavor – as well as other delicious delicacies. Within the following column from the Fall of 2011 are a series of recipes that defy the dictates of all seasons. Eat healthy, my friends. (Ed.)

recipehealthgreensWe may be seeing the first burnt-orange and fiery reds of fall foliage, but farmers’ markets and Community Supported Agriculture baskets are still laden with deep greens like Swiss chard, broccoli rabe and bok choy. If your produce basket is overflowing, here are five new recipes from Martha Rose Shulman that will get you cooking with greens. Continue reading

Takeda Ordered to Pay $6 Billion in Diabetes-Drug Case

Actos-Diabetes-Drug-Side-Effects-CostA U.S. jury imposed $6 billion in punitive damages on Takeda Pharmaceutical in a case involving allegations that the company hid the cancer risks of its Actos diabetes drug.

A U.S. jury imposed $6 billion in punitive damages on Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. in a case involving allegations that the company hid the cancer risks of its Actos diabetes drug.

Takeda on Tuesday said that it disagreed with the verdict by a jury in Louisiana and that it would seek to overturn it. Continue reading

Could tobacco hold the key to beating cancer?

  • Researchers say plant’s defence mechanism could work in humans to ‘explode’ invading cells
  • Plant’s natural defence mechanisms could kill cancer cells
  • Molecule kills off fungi and bacteria in plant
  • Pincer-like structure grips onto membrane of cancer cells and rips them open
The flower of the Nicotiana planet, in which researchers have identified a molecule that usually fights off fungi and bacteria also has the ability to identify and destroy cancer

The flower of the Nicotiana planet, in which researchers have identified a molecule that usually fights off fungi and bacteria also has the ability to identify and destroy cancer

The tobacco plant’s natural defence mechanisms could be harnessed to kill cancer cells in the human body.

Scientists have identified a molecule in the flower of the plant that usually fights off fungi and bacteria – and were stunned to find it also has the ability to identify and destroy cancer.

Called NaD1, it works by forming a pincer-like structure that grips onto lipids present in the membrane of cancer cells and rips themopen, causing the cell to expel its contents and explode. Continue reading

Hultberg: The War on Raw Milk

rawmilkCongressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) and a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers have recently introduced legislation to allow for the sale of raw milk, i.e., unpasteurized milk. Their Milk Freedom Act of 2014 would make it legal for “certified dairy farmers” to sell unpasteurized milk products without harassment and criminal prosecution on the part of the FDA. If enacted, this would be a major victory for those who are health conscious and understand the grievous misperception by our medical establishment regarding the safety of raw milk.

The distribution of raw milk has been banned in the U.S. since inception of the pasteurization laws in the 1920s. The American Medical Association together with the FDA brought about this ban of raw milk because of its susceptibility to being a carrier for certain infectious microbes such as salmonella.

The error here is that it was never “raw milk” that was a problem. It was “warm raw milk” produced in crowded, unsanitary conditions from grain-fed cows instead of grass-fed that was prone to an unhealthy level of microbes. Grass-fed cows produce a milk with natural “inhibins,” anti-microbial agents that keep pathogens low, while grain-fed cows do not produce high “inhibin” levels in their milk. Continue reading

pH Balance – The Foundation of Health

pH-and-cancer-alkaline-stripAccording to the research of Dr. Enderlein, total healing of chronic illness takes place only when and if the blood is restored to a normal, slightly alkaline pH. The magnitude of meaning behind this research is of incredible importance to someone who is fighting a disease, overcoming an illness, or just desiring to feel better. What it means is this… Your Body pH affects EVERYTHING.

Human blood stays in a very narrow pH range right around 7.3. Below or above this range means symptoms and disease. When pH goes off, microorganisms in the blood can change shape, mutate, become pathogenic, and thrive. When pH goes off, ENZYMES that are constructive can become destructive. When pH goes off, OXYGEN delivery to cells suffers. Continue reading

Ginger Root Is a Miracle Cure for Prostate Cancer

ginger-health-benefits-usesProstate cancer is one of the most over-treated cancers out there. By 50 years of age, about 40 percent of all men already have prostate cancer and likely will never know it. But it will not kill them either – unless they are screened for it and then treated with Big Pharma protocols. Then things take an ugly turn as the benign and slow-growing cancer turns into the killer kind. The numbers for prostate cancer doubles to 80 percent of all men by the age of 80 years old. If you are in the business of selling cancer treatments, this is a financial boon and a cash-cow. Continue reading

Study: Vegetarians Less Healthy Than Meat Eaters

SteakVegetarians are less healthy and have a worse quality of life than meat eaters, according to a study by the University of Graz, Austria.

According to the study, those who abstain from meat are “less healthy (in terms of cancer, allergies, and mental health disorders), have a lower quality of life, and also require more medical treatment.”

Vegetarians were twice as likely to have atopy (allergies), a 50 percent increase in cancer and a 50 percent increase in heart attacks. They also drank less alcohol. Continue reading

Why 80 Percent of People Worldwide Will Soon Stop Eating Wheat…or Die

Durum WheatThe future of wheat is certain, and it’s toxic. There are as many health risks associated with the consumption of wheat as there are nutritional benefits claimed by the wheat industry. Why is there such a strong emphasis on the development of wheat products all over the world when there are so many adverse and crippling effects such as neurological impairment, dementia, heart disease, cataracts, diabetes, arthritis and visceral fat accumulation, not to mention the full range of intolerances and bloating now experienced by millions of people?

Approximately 700 million tons of wheat are now cultivated worldwide making it the second most-produced grain after maize. It is grown on more land area than any other commercial crop and is considered a staple food for humans. Continue reading

Prescription drugs: A nation’s killer

MW-BS073_pharma_20140107105149_MGIn a nation that seems to thrive on popping pills for a range of different health woes, it really should come as no surprise that deaths due to the overdosing of prescription drugs are on the rise in the United States, and will likely to continue to be so. Though there is a definite need for a number of these prescription drugs, and they provide relief from pain, infections and a host of other uncomfortable ailments, history is starting to tell the story of how these medically prescribed medications can be abused by patients. Many physicians, too, simply write a prescription as a cure-all for their patients rather than spend the time and make the effort to get to the root cause of the issue. Continue reading